Hello world. In this article we will create a django app, which will handle employers and we will track their hours work and payments. We will use the next frameworks and libraries to help us create that. ( I assume you have already installed a python and you know the basics steps)

GITHUB REPO ==> https://github.com/Zefarak/payroll_blog_app.git

After installing django or i assume you have it…

How our app will be show

We will create a app which we can use it to write notes easy and effective.

Framework and Libraries we will use

First Part. Set up the Project.

So let’s start. First let’s create our project. …

With the help of python, django and ajax. In this tutorial we will explore how we can connect django and ajax requests to front-end and create a simply Order Manager.

What we will do?

We will create a web app, which will be split on two django apps. The first one, we will manage our products, categories and anything we need to store and the second app will manage the order and how to sell the products.

What we are gonna learn?

Some basics info how we create a Retail Order, a simply connection with the warehouse, how will make…

In this tutorial we will create a API with Django and Rest Framework, which will manage, save and store all the data React will send us

A live api can be found here → https://react-pos.herokuapp.com/api/

On this two part tutorial, our plan is to create two different technologies on each part.

  • Part 1. We will create a new django API server. We will manage with this the database, the requests anything need the project that includes data.
  • Part 2. We will create a React App. …

A tutorial for creating fast and reliable web apps with python and django.

username: guest

password: mypassword1

What we will do?

We will create a webapp, which we will add our expenses.The expenses will be split up in three categories Bills, Payroll and Generic Expenses. …

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